Tender announcement for the first time

Date 2021-09-23

The Industrial City of Aleppo announces a tender for the first time in the sealed envelope to complete the Fire Building No./2/ within the main service center spot - Category Three - Third Island in the Industrial City of Aleppo according to the following:
 Initial bonds: 5% of the value of the estimated statement, bearing in mind that the value of the estimated statement is /990893000/SYP only, nine hundred and ninety-nine million and ninety-three thousand Syrian pounds only.
 Final Bond: 10% of the referral value.
 Delay fine: 0.1% one per thousand of the referral value.
 Implementation period: /360 days/.
 Warranty period: /one Gregorian year/.
 Category of the contractor: the contractor must be of the category / excellent - first - second / building specialty.
 The deadline for submitting offers is until the end of the working day on Tuesday 2/11/2021 AD.
 The bid opening session will be set at eleven o’clock on Wednesday 3/11/2021 AD at the headquarters of the Tender Committee located in the office of the Head of the Financial Affairs Department in the Industrial City in Aleppo.
The bidder is obligated to offer his offer for a period of /120/ days.
The duration of the commitment of the nominated contractor to his offer is /120/ days, starting from the day following the date on which he was notified of the assignment of the undertaking to him.
 Offers shall be submitted to the Office of the Industrial City within a large envelope on which the name of the bidder and the subject of the offer shall be written. It contains two envelopes:
- The first: It contains the supporting documents stipulated in the Contract Law promulgated by Law No. /51/ of 2004, the initial insurance and the financial receipt for the price of the file.
The second: It contains the financial offer with a stamp valued at 1500/SYP.
It is possible to review the Administration of the Industrial City of Aleppo / Contracts Division / to obtain the book of conditions and the file during official working hours for an amount of 100,000 / S.P. The contractor shall bear the full advertising fees, even if they are multiple.