Announcement of tender for the first time at total speed

Date 2020-12-19

The Industrial City of Aleppo announces a tender for the first time with full speed in the sealed envelope for the maintenance project of networks, poles and lighting devices in the industrial city of Aleppo according to the following:
- Initial insurance: 5% of the value of the estimated disclosure, noting that the value of the estimated disclosure is / 221660700 / SYP only two - hundred and twenty one million six hundred sixty thousand and seven hundred Syrian Pounds only.
- Final assurances: 10% of the referral value.
- Delay penalty: 0.1% one per thousand of the referral value.
- Execution period: / 90 days /.
- Warranty period: / one calendar year /.
- Contractor category: the contractor must be from the category / excellent-first-second-third / electrical specialization.
- The deadline for submitting offers is until the end of the working day, Tuesday 1/5/2021.
- The bid-closing session will be set at the eleventh hour of Wednesday 6/1/2021 AD at the Tender Committee headquarters located in the office of the Head of the Financial Affairs Department in the Industrial City of Aleppo
- The bidder is committed to his bid for a period of / 120 / days.
- The period of commitment of the nominated contractor to his bid is / 120 / days starting from the next day from the date on which he is informed of the assignment of the pledge.
- Offers are submitted to the Industrial City Bureau in a large envelope on which the name of the bidder is written and the subject of the offer contains two envelopes:
The first: contains the identification papers stipulated in the contract system issued by Law No. / 51 / of 2004, the initial insurance, and the financial receipt for the price of the file
Second: It contains the financial offer with a stamp of / 1500 / SYP.
The administration of the industrial city in Aleppo / the contracts division / can be referred to obtain the book of conditions and dossiers during official working hours for an amount of / 22500 / Ls. The contractor shall bear the full fees of the advertisements, even if they are numerous.