Tender announcement for the second time

Date 2021-01-12

The Industrial City of Aleppo announces a tender for the second time, with the sealed envelope, for a project for maintenance of networks, columns and lighting devices in the industrial city of Aleppo according to the following:
- The initial insurance: 5% of the value of the estimated disclosure, noting that the value of the estimated disclosure is / 221660700 / SYP only two hundred and twenty one million six hundred sixty thousand seven hundred Syrian Pounds only
- Final assurances: 10% of the referral value.
- Delay penalty: 0.1% one per thousand of the referral value.
- Execution period: / 90 days /.
- Warranty period: / one calendar year /.
- Contractor category: The contractor must be from the first-second-third category / excellent category / electrical specialty.
- The deadline for submitting bids is until the end of working hours on Tuesday 2/16/2021.
- The bid-closing session will be set at 11:00 on Wednesday 2/17/2021 AD at the Tender Committee headquarters located in the office of the Head of the Financial Affairs Department in the Industrial City of Aleppo.
- The bidder is committed to his bid for a period of / 120 / days.
The period of commitment of the nominated contractor to his bid is / 120 / days starting from the next day from the date he is notified of the assignment of the pledge to him.
- Offers are submitted to the Industrial City divan in a large envelope on which the name of the bidder is written and the subject of the offer contains two envelopes:
The first: contains the identification papers stipulated in the contract system issued by Law No. / 51 / of 2004, the initial insurance, and the financial receipt for the price of the file
The second: It contains the financial offer with a stamp with a value of / 1500 / SYP.
The administration of the industrial city in Aleppo / the contracts division / can be referred to obtain the book of conditions and the dossier during official working hours for an amount of / 22500 / Ls. The contractor shall bear the full fees for the advertisements, even if they are numerous.